princessalethea (princessalethea) wrote,

On a Rainy Sunday

Yes, I certified my Geek Street Cred this weekend and finally learned to play Magic. Late Last night, Alethea Queen of the Elves stomped the table and triumphed in a bloody battle. (I know, I know, Gypsy stacked the deck. But I was learning to play! I also learned that I have slightly more evil tendencies than an all-green deck affords.)

Today it’s cold and rainy outside, as the world gets ready to warm up. Today, we’re teaching Chuck to play.

Later on, I’ll be taking Chuck to rehearsals. It’s the only way I’m going to be able to escape the tournament and get Chapter Eight done.

See, Mom? I’m working. I promise.

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Tags: awesome porch, friends, life, pics
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