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Doing the Write Thing

Yesterday in my “Muddy Waters” post about the Nashville flooding, I mentioned a few websites, including the Do The Write Thing For Nashville site. They’re getting agents and authors and editors and all sorts of folks in the publishing industry to donate items and time so they can auction them off for big bucks. The proceeds will go to benefit Middle Tennessee Flood Relief (note this includes ALL of Middle Tennessee, not just Nashville. Lillie doesn’t live in Nashville, folks. She lives in the next county over).

Remember that copy of AlphaOops: H is for Halloween I bragged about getting earlier this week? Well, Candlewick has graciously agreed to allow me to sign and donate the copy to the auction. That’s right!! If you REALLY want a copy before the July 13th release date, here’s your chance!

To tease you again:

Do the Write Thing’s official website is a blogspot blog (HERE), but they ask that folks check their Facebook page (HERE) for auction listings and details.

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