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How I Got Mentioned On Saturday Night Live

…the one hosted by Betty White, no less! (Betty White is my homegirl. I adore that Snickers commercial with her. You know the one.)

This is how I got mentioned on Saturday Night Live: There’s a segment called “Really?” with Seth and Amy (though it could be done FAR better — and should be — by Kelli Dunlap). At the end of this particular segment, they cover the riots in Greece and bring on Tina Fey, who has a Greek mother (read: Tina Fey is Greek – Tina is short for “Stamatina”). I’m not sure how much Greek Tina speaks, but she has a great accent. And the translation they use of “Really?” is my name: Alethea. Because we all know, Alethea means “truth” in Greek.

Dad sent me this clip via Aunt Theda — this is so much more fun than listening for my name in church.

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