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Sweet Sixteen

You know, Once Upon a Time, there were actually things people didn't know about me. Now, my life's an open book - literally. But talented photographress Michelle Pendergrass tagged me on her blog last week, and this week I really the break, so here you go. (Yes. I realize it's only Tuesday and I'm already needing a break. Means things can only look up...)

Sixteen Things About M

1.) My grandfather was a Greek pirate during WWII.

2.) My little sister had a necklace featured in Vogue magazine.

3.) We once had a rare flying dinosaur parked in our driveway overnight. (Storrs slept inside.)

4.) I was once slapped by Kevin J. Anderson for talking smack about my own writing.

5.) I was a substitute teacher for one day at Daniel McKee Alternative School. I had a great time.

6.) Malik Yoba swore he met me before. It really bothered him. I'm pretty sure I would have remembered.

7.) I knew algebra before I knew how to multiply two 2-digit numbers. (My Aunt Theda taught me on a napkin at a very boring dinner where I was not allowed to read.)

8.) I once pinched my little sister backstage at a performance of Showboat; the resulting tears became the subject of an award-winning photograph.

9.) My first best friend was the tree closest to the road at 700 Spear Street, South Burlington, VT.

10.) My godfather's face is immortalized on the cover of Phish's fifth album, "A Picture of Nectar."

11.) In gymnastics, my forte was the balance beam. (Bonus: I can still do a cartwheel in a straight line. I can no longer execute a back walkover.)

12.) I saw Tori Amos perform at Madison Square Garden, and offered Sarah McLachlan our extra second-row ticket.

13.) My cell phone does not flip, take photos, or surf the internet.

14.) I was baptized by a Greek Priest who is now the current Metropolitan of Atlanta (Alexios). My baptismal gifts were pink porcelain roses with a pewter stem.

15.) I am allergic to aloe.

16.) I saw Andrew Smith put French fries on his hamburger in the fourth grade, and I have done so myself ever since.

You are now free to go forth and update my Wikipedia entry.)


Oct. 14th, 2008 09:53 pm (UTC)
So many things to say...
I looked at your sister's jewelery--Delicious!! Wow. Tell her to save this and this for me!!

I was in gymnastics, too! I can still do an inline cartwheel as well as a back bend from a standing position and the splits. (and I love it that I can still do those things!)

Now I want a hamburger and fries.

And I'd by lying if I said I haven't read that beautiful comment by this man I don't know over and over again. He made my day (quite possibly my month!) Thank you stranger! (Stop by and tell me how fucking good I am any.day. of the week. ;)


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