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No, silly people. This is not about Charlie Sheen. *sigh*

It’s actually about WINNING STUFF. You like to WIN STUFF, don’t you?

This month is all about winning stuff. You’ll have to forgive me because I didn’t post this ASAP…because there’s an opportunity to win the grand prize EVERY SINGLE DAY…but you still have half the month left to go for it!

Start here: Click over to Crystal Rain Love’s official FOOL FOR ROMANCE CONTEST PAGE and see what it’s all about. At the bottom is a list of the participants, and who is blogging when (I’m the 28th – aren’t you glad I didn’t wait until THEN to tell you about this?).

Then: Click on over to each site and do what that blogger tells you to do. Sometimes it’s a Tweet or a comment…you won’t know until you go look. Each day, that particular blogger will randomly pick one winner and send that name to Crystal.

At the end of the month: All the winners for the month are compiled, and from that list, Crystal will randomly pick a name to win THE GRAND PRIZE…which is a HUGE prize pack made up of prizes donated by EVERY SINGLE ONE of the guest bloggers. That’s right! TONS OF STUFF.

Prizes: Want to see the HUMONGOUS list of prizes? That’s over on the Fool for Romance site too. Check it out, book mark it, discover one new & fabulous author every day…and maybe win a dump truck full of prizes.

Not too shabby for a Tuesday, huh?

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Mar. 15th, 2011 09:29 pm (UTC)
I'm not prize-oriented myself, but I have a romance book thing to tell you about. I wanted to read something along the lines of Sarah Addison Allen, right? So I looked up SAA on Amazon and wrote down all the "also bought" authors. Then I went to B&N and looked them up, pulled their books and read a few sample pages.

Came home with two books by Cathy Lamb. She's a romance writer with a lot of emotional healing and touch-o-magic in her books. I really enjoyed Julia's Chocolates. :)

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