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Sk8er Girl: Week Three: Little Devil's Night

Sk8er Grrls: Kitti, Lee, & Lillie

In hindsight, I should have thrown my wings in the backseat. At least then I would have been prepared for Halloween Skate Night! I figured it would be our usual crowd of nobody--and less than nobody because Cherie and the gang had popped off to the Brentwood Roller Rink for the evening. Turns out, Rock Springs Elementary was having a Halloween costume bash. The costumes were great! And we had fun right alongside them.

I didn't try out speed skates, because the skill level had gone up quite high -- do you know how hard it is to NOT hit kids barreling at you on wheels from all directions? Kitti and I decided that we needed to make a skating video game, with Halloween Party being the highest level. Watch out for Optimus Prime! Here comes the Japanese fairy! And there's the three-foot Dorothy Gale, like a pigtailed, pinafored heat-seeking missile, headed right for you and ready to dive in your path. But there's TWO OF THEM!

My knee is killing me today, but I didn't fall, not once. (Which is probably why my knee hurts more, from dodging flying kids.) And no blisters this time -- I brought insoles and wore only one pair of socks, since Stacy passed along the advice that two socks aid in magic blister manufacturing.

Next week: Speed Skates
Today: Halloween!

Best costume of the night...AND she won the race!

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