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I Am Totally Good With “Kontis.”

Because it falls on the shelf between Stephen King and Jay Lake. Like, for instance, in this section of the list from Ellen Datlow’s Best Horror of the Year 2010 Honorable Mentions!


King, Stephen “1922,” (novella) Full Dark, No Stars.
King, Stephen “Big Driver,” Full Dark, No Stars.
Knight, Brian “Deathbed,” Cemetery Dance #64.
Knippling, DeAnna “The Edge of the World,” Three-Lobed Burning Eye #20.
Knutsson, Catherine “Lily,” Cabinet des Fées volume 1, No. 3.
Kofmel, Kim “Crossroads,” Cabinet des Fées volume 1, No. 3.
Kontis, Alethea “Blue and Gray & Black and Green,” Legends of the Mountain State 4.
Kornher-Stace, Nicole “Two Views from the Shore,” (poem), Goblin Fruit spring.
Kosyrev, Dmitry “The Coat That Smelled Like Earth,” Moscow Noir.
Kuch, Terence “Other Things,” Sybil’s Garage #7.
Kuznetsov, Sergei “Moscow Reincarnations,” Moscow Noir.
Laben, Carrie “Plastic Sargasso,” Chizine #44.
Lackey, Jamie “The Other Side,” The Living Dead 2.
Lake, Jay “The Houses of the Favored,” Visitants.


*happy dance*

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