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Bookstore Heaven

It's official -- Sherlock's Books is my new favorite bookstore. It helps that it's only about 20 miles from my house, a lovely, backwoods, straight-shot, non-interstate drive. And doing it mid-November when all the leaves are changing -- well, whichever ones didn't just turn brown and fall already due to yet another heat-lamp summer -- it was a pretty picture regardless. The building is HUGE, the staff is sweet and approachable and NOT annoying, there is a lovely restaurant and coffee shop with plenty of seating, and the theatre room is fabulous. You can even rent it! For $100 you get 3 hours with the projection screen, two homemade pizzas, and 3 2-liter bottles of soda. Birthday Party, Date, or Viva Pinata marathon -- your choice. There's also a nice hoby section in the back for all you guys into model car building.

And did I mention the drag strip being built in the back? And the free wi-fi? And the natural light?? Oh goodness, the natural light...all those windows...swoon...

The signing was wonderful. Thanks to everyone for coming out, and the Music City Romance Writers for being so hospitable to this Little Misfit. I will have to attend one of your meetings soon, so I can get all the books signed that I forgot to bring!

And if you live within a 100-mile radius of Lebanon, TN, you MUSTMUSTMUST check out Sherlock's Books. I have a feeling I'll be a frequent visitor on the weekends. Every author needs a bookstore to hide in. I'm so glad I finally have one.

Look at all those windows! It was love at first sight.


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Nov. 11th, 2008 01:06 am (UTC)
*is jealous* i want a bookstore to hide in with free wifi.. oh wait, i don't have time cause almost all my time is taken by the big heartless retail black hole...

lucky you
Nov. 11th, 2008 03:49 pm (UTC)
What a neat place! Their web site is cool, too:

It's almost disconcerting to look at the pictures of the interior and see so much open space. Rent is so high that I'm used to seeing every square inch of usable retail floor space filled with product. That looks like a store you could breathe in.

I hope they make buckets of money and never change.
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