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In Which Princess Alethea Inspires You

Princess Alethea, Jan 2014I was invited by the Magical Words folks to write four inspirational blog posts, each one posted on a Monday in the month of January.

Missed any or all of them? Here are the links for your convenience. Enjoy!


Jan 6th: The Danny Ocean Moment -- "Next time you’re stuck in a situation you can’t get out of, put on your Danny Ocean Hat."

Jan 13th: The Fiction of a Writer's Life -- "Being a full time writer means that I don’t have business hours anymore. There is no longer a time I “normally” get up or go to bed. I have no sense of weekdays or weekends. There is only “working” and “feeling guilty about not working.”"

Jan 20th: The Year Without A Book -- "I might have a whole year, but it’s not like I have all the time in the world or anything. I think a year is enough. A year in which I refuse to disappoint my fans…or disappoint myself."

Jan 27th: I Have No Bad Guys -- "Write what you know. Be true to your characters. Be true to your world. Be true to yourself."
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