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2009 Appearance Schedule

A few people expressed their dismay that they had no idea I was going to Penguicon, and I gave them all the same answer: I was incognito. I've been attending conventions for about 15 years now, and only in the last few have I been invited as a guest. Sometimes, I still like going to cons just to be a fan. Not having to be on a panel schedule is a bit of a luxury, really. And I don't mind paying for a badge -- I support small, local conventions like I support my local independent bookstores. I see value in spending money on things I want to stay around. (Amazing, right?)

With all that in mind, here's a list of the "working" conventions I've planned for this year:


May 15-17
Mo*Con IV: A New Hope
Indianapolis, IN
(Note: I will be displaying my recent artwork there -- I'm waiting to set up an Etsy site until afterwards, to insure that I'll still have enough pieces to show.)


June 5-7
Hypericon 5 / DeepSouthCon 47
Nashville, TN
Get Your tickets now!


July 16-19
Camp Necon
Rhode Island


September 4-7
Atlanta, GA

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