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Genre Chick Interview: Diana Rowland

Happy Release Day  Diana Rowland!

Detective Kara Gillian is both a cop and a conjurer of demons, accidentally conjuring sexy  angelic Rhyzkhal during a routine spell. Now she needs his help to catch a deadly serial killer--The Symbol Man--who's back in Beaulac, Louisiana on a killing spree after a three-year hiatus. There's also that handsome-yet-disapproving FBI agent hanging around, messing with both Kara's heart and her first homicide case.

Mark of the Demon by Diana Rowland is a delicious blend of police procedural and urban fantasy. In honor of its release today, be sure to check out my Genre Chick interview with the superstar author herself. We had a lot of fun. (Almost as much fun as John Scalzi had with Diana at last year's WorldCon. ---->)

I also reviewed Mark of the Demon in my most recent column for Orson Scott Card's Intergalactic Medicine Show. I thoroughly enjoyed the book, and blew a whole Saturday reading it in one sitting. I miss those days.

If you're like me at all and yearning for a fun, smart urban fantasy that isn't cashing in on the whole vampire wave (I am so tired of vampires...and no, Dark-Hunters don't count) then be sure to pick up Mark of the Demon at your local bookstore today!

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