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Genre Chick Interview: Leanna Renee Hieber

I came to call on Miss Leanna Renee Hieber on a breezy afternoon in early summer. We had been informally introduced through a mutual acquaintance, but someone's whose judgment I trusted implicitly, and so I took to Miss Hieber immediately. She received me in her impressive library, pretty as a picture, her deep burgundy skirts setting off a complexion almost as fair as her heroine's. We made pleasantries as she poured the tea--Constant Comment, I noted. She mentioned that the cloves reminded her of her dear Alexi. I took two sugars to her one, and she added a spot of milk to her own delicate cup. She had brewed it strong; I admired her fortitude. I am of the opinion that no one knows how to make a decent cup of tea nowadays, and it appeared Miss Hieber and I were of the same mind. I anticipated enjoying this session very much. I took a raspberry biscuit from the tray, set my cup on the table beside me to cool, and we began.

Click here to read a transcript of our dynamic discourse.

Be sure to catch Leanna this Dragon*Con weekend at PRINCESS ALETHEA'S TRAVELING SIDESHOW! (Roswell, Hyatt, Fri 5:30pm)

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