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Genre Chick Interview: Cherie Priest

Cherie Priest is a displaced Tennessee Gal--she may live in Seattle now, but she was born & raised in the South, so we still claim her as one of our own. Similarly, the setting for her new steampunk novel Boneshaker is the Pacific Northwest, as opposed to the Southern settings of Four and Twenty Blackbirds and Fathom (Tennessee and Florida, respectively). We're also super excited about Cherie's new ventures in the shared world of the Wild Cards series, edited by George R.R. Martin. I saw Cherie recently at Penguicon in Detroit--she's a beauty, a ball of energy, and looks great in costume. I took the opportunity to open her skull and pick her brains a bit, just to see what makes her tick. You I usually do.

Corsets and Goggles and Superheroes, oh my! Click here to check out our interview.

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