princessalethea (princessalethea) wrote,

"The Monster & Mrs. Blake" now live at The Story Station

Drop on by The Story Station and check out one of my very favorite short stories -- "The Monster & Mrs. Blake."

I was one of those kids with monsters under her bed (they looked a lot like the little guys in Critters), so I empathize with Jeremy. I also wrote it while my best friend Casey was pregnant with her first child and craving apples for no apparent reason...

This was meant to be read aloud, so if you have the time -- and the children-- I encourage you to do so. And please...let me know what they think!

And yes, the rumors are true -- this story has been optioned by Bamfer Productions. I get to see a screenplay soon. Saying I'm a little excited about it is like saying there's a little sand on the beach.


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