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Devil Sign

The Alethea Section

I assumed I was just going to have my pic and interview on the front page of the Lifestyles section of the Daily News Journal...I only hoped it was "above the fold." After the Bleeding Hearts Club program yesterday (which was a smashing success -- pictures tk), Mom and I drove all around town (do you have any idea how HARD it is to find a newspaper in Murfreesboro?) gathering up a few papers.

Not only was I mentioned in the top bar on THE front page, I was splashed all over the front of the PULL-OUT SECTION, the table of contents of said section, and my interview was the centerfold.

Astonished doesn't quite cover it.

Demon Lee

Appearance: Bleeding Hearts Club 2/14/09

Linebaugh Library will host the Bleeding Hearts Club at 2 p.m. on Saturday, Feb. 14. Whether you're a fan of Stephenie Meyer's Twilight series, Charlaine Harris's Sookie Stackhouse series, Laurell Hamilton's Anita Blake series, or the classic Dracula, join us to talk about all things vampire. Stoker-nominated Alethea Kontis will lead the discussion about our favorite vampires, vampires in fiction and on the screen, and the mystery and history of vampire lore. Kontis, a Murfreesboro resident, has written a variety of fiction and nonfiction, including the short story "Blood and Water" -- a re-telling of "The Little Mermaid" involving a vampire and pirates. Kontis has been long-listed for the 2009 Bram Stoker Award for Superior Achievement in Nonfiction for her book Beauty and Dynamite. This free program will be held in the Linebaugh Public Library Reading Room. For ages 13 and up.

For more information, call 893-4131 or visit www.linebaugh.org. Linebaugh Public Library is located at 105 W. Vine St. in Murfreesboro.

Book Girl

Bookstore Heaven

It's official -- Sherlock's Books is my new favorite bookstore. It helps that it's only about 20 miles from my house, a lovely, backwoods, straight-shot, non-interstate drive. And doing it mid-November when all the leaves are changing -- well, whichever ones didn't just turn brown and fall already due to yet another heat-lamp summer -- it was a pretty picture regardless. The building is HUGE, the staff is sweet and approachable and NOT annoying, there is a lovely restaurant and coffee shop with plenty of seating, and the theatre room is fabulous. You can even rent it! For $100 you get 3 hours with the projection screen, two homemade pizzas, and 3 2-liter bottles of soda. Birthday Party, Date, or Viva Pinata marathon -- your choice. There's also a nice hoby section in the back for all you guys into model car building.

And did I mention the drag strip being built in the back? And the free wi-fi? And the natural light?? Oh goodness, the natural light...all those windows...swoon...

The signing was wonderful. Thanks to everyone for coming out, and the Music City Romance Writers for being so hospitable to this Little Misfit. I will have to attend one of your meetings soon, so I can get all the books signed that I forgot to bring!

And if you live within a 100-mile radius of Lebanon, TN, you MUSTMUSTMUST check out Sherlock's Books. I have a feeling I'll be a frequent visitor on the weekends. Every author needs a bookstore to hide in. I'm so glad I finally have one.

Look at all those windows! It was love at first sight.

Southern Fest

Universally Surreal Postal Service

I had a migraine on Friday. Bad. In hindsight, I suppose I should have expected one -- it had been slowly barreling its way northwest for a while now, and its name was Fay. Stress, sleep, hormones, and barometric pressure are all the [mostly] unavoidable migraine factors. I had four aces. The universe had a straight flush. 

I also had a short story deadline for this workshop I'm doing in Portland in a couple of weeks. So I took the day off, turned the air conditioner down, and sat propped up in bed typing in the dark. It was slow going. I took breaks to nap and eat. Needing the story done and printed and in the mail kept me hammering away at it.

Right on the verge of passing out, I finished. I went for a 20-minute walk on the treadmill and took a shower, hoping to perk myself up, but wanting nothing more than to pass out. Dizzy and probably not in the best frame of mind, I read the story over once, and then proceeded to print out three copies in manuscript format. It took forty minutes. I felt every blessed one.

I threw on an old pair of jeans and a stained t-shirt, slipped on my flip-flops, and was ready and waiting the second the last sheet printed. I knew a truck left the main post office at 6pm. It was 5:05. I wrote the address on a post-it note, grabbed my sunglasses, and left the house. The heat hit me like a fist. I took shallow breaths.

When I got to the post-office, the parking lot was pretty empty. I ran inside, grabbed a Priority Mail envelope, and scribbled the address on it. I pulled the strip off and sealed it three seconds before the clerk invited me to step forward. I had my credit card out and ready. It was 5:25. Perfect.

"Is this anything fragile, liquid, or perishable?" the clerk asked.

Like she hadn't just seen me shove 100 paper-clipped pages inside. But I knew she had to ask. "No."

"Do you need any insurance, delivery confirmation, or--?"

"No." God, my head hurt.

"Do you need any stamps, packing supplies--?"

"Nope." It even kind of hurt to talk. I wiggled my credit card, anxious to complete the never-ending transaction.

The clerk gave me a wry smile. "I have a question you will answer 'yes' to," she said chipperly.

Any other day, I would have been in the mood. Hell, any other day, I would have said the same thing. I used to do stuff like this to grumpy customers when I worked at the bookstore, just because I could. And it never hurt anyone to smile. I raised my eyebrows. Her grin got huge, and her eyes twinkled.

"May I see your ID?" she asked. The woman behind me in line chuckled. Yeah. Wasn't she clever?

Now, I have this small pet peeve about cashiers who ask to see my ID when I'm purchasing an item that's less than $5.00. If someone wants a bottle of water/pack of gum/Priority Mail sent badly enough to STEAL MY CREDIT CARD for it, then they're welcome to it. Seriously. Chances are, I would have given them the five bucks in the first place had they asked for it. Most credit card machines don't even ask for your signature if the transaction is under $25.00. It doesn't take but a few brain cells to figure out that all this "asking for ID" nonsense is just a power trip. A few more brain cells, and I would have had my own chuckle.

Unfortunately, my brain cells were otherwise occupied trying to keep me vertical. I flipped open my wallet with all the effortless grace of Fox Mulder, and the clerk made a big show of comparing the credit card to my driver's license. The TSA give less thorough examinations. And as she handed the wallet back to me she said, "I liked the book."

I honestly had no idea what she was talking about. "What book?"

"The Sherrilyn Kenyon one."

I froze. "Oh my GOD, you MUST be kidding."

She wasn't. We went on to chat about Sherri, and she asked me how the Acheron signing at the Parthenon went. I told her that after they kicked us out, we signed books on the steps until one o'clock in the morning. She told me about all the "pseudo-writers" who come in from time to time to send a manuscript one place or another. She told me about another children's author who had never heard of The Giving Tree. I told her about how that book had been banned in several school systems, and why. And because there were still people behind me, I broke off our lovely conversation and excused myself. She invited me to come back soon. I said I would. And then I went straight home and called my mother.

I got recognized by a perfect stranger at the post office. ME. In my ratty jeans and ancient t-shirt and flip-flops and big, dark sunglasses. Like I was Nicole Kidman or something. I may as well have been...that's just Nashville. Look, ma, I'm a celebrity! Holy crapinoli.

I just hope to god my envelope got on that last truck.

Demon Lee

Calling All Vampires!

Sherrilyn Kenyon Dark-Hunter Fans, UNITE!

Dragon*Con Parade Info
Where: Marriott Hotel water fountain
When: Saturday, 9am
What do I wear?: Goth Gear, sunglasses, comfortable shoes! (Wings and horns optional)

Come one, come all, come kick some Daimon ass!

(okay, and if you're just friends of mine you better be walking with us too. All warm bodies accepted.)