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Birthday Princess

20 Minutes with Princess Alethea at The Roundtable Podcast

What better way to celebrate the world NOT ending that listening to a very fun interview with me, hosted by the Roundtable Podcast? (I certainly can't think of anything.)

Alethea Kontis – author of “Enchanted” (recently listed on Kirkus Reviews among the “Best Teen Books of 2012“), the award-winning “Alpha-Oops” series, and so much more – is a passionate and informed storyteller. Her diverse background includes, among other things, a love and respect for the theater and of the rich heritage of folklore and fairy tales, both of which informs her work and infuses it with authenticity and magic. Justin Macumber (co-host and founder of the Dead Robots’ Society podcast) joins me in a rousing 20(ish) minutes as Alethea waxes rhapsodic on the allure of fairy tales, who she writes for, her revision and editing process, and much more. The Fairy Queen is in the house people… woot! (and come back for more writerly goodness in Alethea’s Workshop Episode airing Christmas Day! It’s our present to you.)


Happy Yule, everyone! xox
Snow White

Genre Chicks: Sarah Pinborough

Sarah Pinborough, the British Grace Kelly of the horror genre, is riding high--having just won a British Fantasy Award for her short story “Do You See”--and in a few weeks she is up for the World Fantasy Award for her short “Our Man in the Sudan.” Anyone who follows her on Twitter knows that she’s a jet-setting wine connoisseur who’s not afraid of getting down and dirty and telling it like it is.

Sarah is completely adorable...and can scare the ever-living daylights out of you. I sent a “little birdy” Sarah’s way with a few fun questions about her life recently, and this is what came back.

Read our interview here.
Snow White

Lora Innes Interview @ Fantasy Magazine

I got a copy of THE DREAMER graphic novel from IDW and immediately fell in love (Click on the banner above -- you can check it all out online!). So much so that I contacted Lora Innes -- the comic's dynamic and fabulously talented writer/illustrator -- to see if I could do an interview with her. She said yes.

And then Cat over at Fantasy Magazine mentioned that she'd like to be the one to run it. So I said yes.
We're all such a bunch of affable people.
Hey -- wanna read it?
(You don't even have to say "yes." Just click right here.)

Happy Friday!

Snow White

Genre Chick Interview: Cherie Priest

Cherie Priest is a displaced Tennessee Gal--she may live in Seattle now, but she was born & raised in the South, so we still claim her as one of our own. Similarly, the setting for her new steampunk novel Boneshaker is the Pacific Northwest, as opposed to the Southern settings of Four and Twenty Blackbirds and Fathom (Tennessee and Florida, respectively). We're also super excited about Cherie's new ventures in the shared world of the Wild Cards series, edited by George R.R. Martin. I saw Cherie recently at Penguicon in Detroit--she's a beauty, a ball of energy, and looks great in costume. I took the opportunity to open her skull and pick her brains a bit, just to see what makes her tick. You know...like I usually do.

Corsets and Goggles and Superheroes, oh my! Click here to check out our interview.

Hypericon Princess

Genre Chick Interview: Leanna Renee Hieber

I came to call on Miss Leanna Renee Hieber on a breezy afternoon in early summer. We had been informally introduced through a mutual acquaintance, but someone's whose judgment I trusted implicitly, and so I took to Miss Hieber immediately. She received me in her impressive library, pretty as a picture, her deep burgundy skirts setting off a complexion almost as fair as her heroine's. We made pleasantries as she poured the tea--Constant Comment, I noted. She mentioned that the cloves reminded her of her dear Alexi. I took two sugars to her one, and she added a spot of milk to her own delicate cup. She had brewed it strong; I admired her fortitude. I am of the opinion that no one knows how to make a decent cup of tea nowadays, and it appeared Miss Hieber and I were of the same mind. I anticipated enjoying this session very much. I took a raspberry biscuit from the tray, set my cup on the table beside me to cool, and we began.

Click here to read a transcript of our dynamic discourse.

Be sure to catch Leanna this Dragon*Con weekend at PRINCESS ALETHEA'S TRAVELING SIDESHOW! (Roswell, Hyatt, Fri 5:30pm)

Snow White

Genre Chick Interview: Alfred Martino

Alfred & The Princess at the 2009 Audie Awards

Alfred Martino is an author very near and dear to my heart--not only because he writes engaging sports stories aimed at reluctant middle grade readers, but because he is the co-founder of Listen and Live Audio. At this most recent BEA, Listen and Live's production of L.A. Meyer's Curse of the Blue Tattoo swept the stage with a total of three Audie Awards. In between champagne toasts (and meeting Neil Gaiman, which I *promise* I'll get to, Mom!), I took a little of Alfred's time to ask him about his life, his adventures in audiobook publishing, and his newest book, Over the End Line.

Check out our interview here!

Snow White

Notes from the Weeds

I had an amazing time at my first Necon. And as "amazing" is not nearly enough to describe it, look for a retrospective post coming soon. If you're impatient, all my Necon pics are live. If you start with the first one and page through, it makes for a pretty nifty travelogue.

The Breakfast Club: Bob, Kelli, Mary, Joe, Princess Alethea, Dickie, and Bandleader Jack Haringa

I also came out from under my rock because I couldn't forget to tell you that I have a live interview today with Jerrod Balzer at The Metal Crypt @ 3:30 EST. I'm a cute little author in a sea of some seriously hardcore performers...I'm listening to the podcast with Shadowside's Dani Nolden right now. That is one seriously beautiful and talented Brazillian woman. And she has the best hair.

Snow White

Genre Chick Interview: C. C. Finlay

I've found that in the genre world the friends of my friends are some pretty cool people. And so, based on the compliments of author Jim C. Hines, I liked Charlie Finlay long before I met him. Already a noted historian, C. C. Finlay is taking the speculative fiction world by storm this summer with his Traitor to the Crown trilogy: The Patriot Witch (April), A Spell for the Revolution (May), and The Demon Redcoat (June).

With my Genre Chick hat on, I took Charlie aside and asked him a few questions about his deepest darkest secrets. Here's what he had to say.

Click here to download a free copy of The Patriot Witch.